He looks up at us.  His long eyelashes moving up and down, brown eyes desperate and expectant.

“Can I have some money?  My Mom is sick.”

“What’s wrong with your Mom?” I ask, thinking that this is probably something he’s made up.  Then I feel guilty for thinking this.

“Everytime she stands up, she faints.”

We (Shannon, Terry and I) tell him that we cannot give him money, but we will buy him some food.  He tells us he has already eaten, and he really just needs money to buy medicine for his Mom.  We ask him what kind of medicine she needs.  He doesn’t know.  (Therefore, we cannot just go and buy him the medicine he needs)

Again, we tell him that we cannot give him money, but we will buy him food.  He says ok.  He says, “But are you going to buy us food that will last and that we can make meals out of it.”  We tell him yes.

I get to walk with Jose down to the corner store.  We buy four bags of rice, beans, cooking oil and 30 eggs.  The box of food is almost bigger than he is.  He walks back with me to where Shannon and Terry are.

The difference in his countenance is so obvious that I wonder if people might notice from across the street.  His once desperate eyes are now beaming, dimples showing on each cheek.

Shannon tells him to remember to pray and ask God for healing for his Mom.

“Yes, when I go to church I will pray.”

“You can pray right here, right now.”

He smiles.  He says yes, he wants to pray.  I ask if he wants to pray or if he wants us to pray.  He says he wants all of us to pray.  So together, Jose, Terry, Shannon and I lift up our voices to the Lord, asking for healing for his Mom.

Would you pray with us for Jose?  Would you pray that the Lord multiplies the food that we bought for him?  Would you pray that the food would make his mother well?  Would you pray that he recognizes that it was the Lord who provided this food for him?  He has a way to get in touch with me now, too.  Would you pray that I will be able to see Jose again?


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