Some of my favorite days are when we get to just watch the boys play. When they get to be kids, not having to think about the way-too-grownup responsibilities that often weigh them down. Enjoy this video of the boys’ (and Roberto’s) “choreographed” back flip routine.

*My apologies for any lack of understanding of the inner workings of the I-Phone video feature. (Ahem, thinking I could just turn it sideways).

Noteworthy observations:
1. Notice the ones that come in after and can’t do a back flip to save their lives.
2. Jose David is still young enough to swim in his undies and the other boys don’t even notice. Only in Honduras.
3. Luis (yellow shirt) is just too big for a back flip.
4. Kelvin (jeans and red shirt) is a timid of any kind of acrobatics. Roberto notices this quickly and comes to his aid.

Oh, how we love these boys.


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