If you get to see me while I am home, you may just get to see the awesome video that Roberto (our co-worker) put together.  I thought I’d share a few of the pictures (outtakes, if you will) that I took as Roberto was filming.  I also want to share some stories of our precious boys and other friends we know from the streets.  Please read all the way to the end!

Kelvin is full of anger and compassion all at the same time.  This one is very close to my heart.  His home life seems unbearable and it is a wonder he hasn’t taken to the streets altogether.  His sign says he works the streets, and it is true.  He wakes up early every morning to sell newspapers before heading to the project.Image

Adali, I must admit, is one of our favorites.  He is full of life, energy, and may be one of the most uncoordinated children I have ever met! [oh, precious boy]  He has a mother at home who loves him, yet is plagued by poverty.  Image

Angel is a handful.  As he is entering into the true teenage years, we are constantly having to speak to him about “appropriate” interactions with women.  We also think he’s into some things that he shouldn’t be.  Yet, he has a heart of gold.  He is the first to grab your bag as you are struggling through the door, and can often be found cleaning up after the other kids are long gone.  He has found a way into my heart, to be sure.Image

These are just a few of the kids that the Lords has used us to communicate the glory of His Gospel.  And it is largely because of the Lord’s movement in the hearts of people like you!

Because of people like you, Kelvin is learning about the Lord and responding to the Gospel in very tangible ways, as the Lord begins to break down the barriers that so angrily surround his heart.  He works in the morning, goes to the project in the afternoons, and then dedicates himself to school in the evenings.  He is now working to finish the 2nd grade.

Because of people like you, Adali is also a daily presence at the Peter Project.  He loves to come and receive love and affection from his favorite friend, Mandy.  It is obvious that he feels safe and loved when he is with us.  He is also in school with Kelvin, and is working to finish the third grade.

Because of people like you, we are watching Angel grow into a young man and are daily interacting with and speaking with him about appropriate and godly interactions with people.  We are pleading with the Lord for his future.  He is not in school, but works every morning (on a horse-drawn cart selling bananas) before coming to the project and often doesn’t come because he is working late into the night.  BUT, as he has seen the other kids and all that they are learning, he has recently begun asking if he can come to the project in the morning for some one-on-one lessons with Mandy.  We are so excited about this, as he has initiated it all on his own.

I tell you all of this to let you know the reality of these precious children, and the HOPE that the Lord is providing through the Peter Project.

Would you like to join us?  Would you like to help us provide an earthly and (most importantly) eternal future for these 15 boys that the Lord has given into our care?  

If the answer is yes, then you may do so through prayer and/or financial support.  Right now, we have about $5000 in our account.  This will last us another month and a half.  As you can see, the financial need is urgent.  If you are unable to give financially, then join us in praying that the Lord would provide the money we need!

If the Lord leads you to give to the Peter Project, here’s how:

To give monthly, there are three ways:

1.  Send a check into the following address, indicating that you’d like to give monthly.

Mission to the World–Donations
P.O. Box 116284
Atlanta, GA 30368
**Please be sure to #92414 in the memo line.**

2.  Set up an automatic withdrawal.  Just CLICK HERE to print out, fill out and send in with a voided check.  MTW will automatically withdraw from your account.

3.  Set it up through your own bank.

To give a one-time gift, there are two ways:

1.  Send a check into the above address, indicating that it is a one-time gift.  Again, please be sure to put the Peter Project account number #92414 in the memo line.

2.  CLICK HERE to make an online donation.  Please note that 3% of your donation will go towards the credit card company.


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