When I go to the States, I get asked this question a lot.

“So, Kate, how was your trip?”

“Ummm, well, actually, I live there.  This, this right now is more like a trip.”

Last week, I did go on a TRIP to Greenville, South Carolina for the MTW missions conference.  I thought I’d let you know some of the things I did while in Greenville.

1.  Rode on a highway with yellow lines in the middle and white lines on the outside.  Everyone knew their place and no one strayed from in-between the lines.  A novel idea.

2.  Put my own milk and sugar in my own coffee.  Starbucks, Caribou coffee, wherever.  There was always a place to adorn your own coffee.  [insert sigh here]  I had forgotten how much I love that.

3.  Walked at night without worrying about getting robbed or mugged.

4.  Slept in a comfy bed with about three blankets on top of me.


6.  Drank from the faucet.  Oh my, I thought for sure I was going to pick up some sort of parasite.

7.  Wore closed-toed shoes without my feet sweating.

8.  SKINNY JEANS, no sweat.  (I wear them here, but I definitely pay the price in sweat.)

9.  Went to Hobby Lobby.  I could’ve spent many hours and lots of money.  Thankfully, a good friend is one who pushes you out the door when you are bound to empty your account.  Thanks, Shannon.

10.  Oh, and attended an AMAZING missions conference where I learned lots and made lots of connections.

But….but, the best part was coming back to this.

DSC_0741 DSC_0739



  1. Love this post and relate so much! Especially to the jeans. Whether skinny or otherwise, jeans and tropical weather are a terrible plan, but sometimes, goshdarnit!, you just want to wear your favorite pair and feel normal again. (And then you remember around 11am why it’s been 3 weeks since you did that…)

    But I just have one question for you – why isn’t a pretty little thing like you married?

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