Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve talked with you.  So much blogging waiting to be done.  Wonderful, uniting staff Christmas party at my house.  (Seriously, love my staff) Awesome Christmas celebration with the kids at Mami Elsa’s house.  Too many events and blog-worthy things waiting.

You get it.  I’m behind.

But today, I just feel like throwing up on you.  If that’s ok.

I’m heavy.

It isn’t fair.

It isn’t fair that when it rains, our kids sleep with rain falling on them through the cracks in the ceiling.  It isn’t fair that our teenage boys have to make way-too-grownup decisions.  It isn’t fair that an 11 year old gets to decide whether he wants to go to school or not.  And we tell them, “Think about your future”.  But what 11-year old thinks about their future?  They’re supposed to be thinking about video games and soccer.

It just isn’t fair.

And the burden I carry for them every day just seems too heavy at times.  (I know, I know, Jesus carries my burdens, but I just can’t seem to give them to him.)

I blog, Facebook and Instagram our precious boys like crazy.  You see smiling faces and cuteness.  But you don’t see reality.  You don’t see the conditions they live in.  You don’t know that K and E’s father just left the family high and dry.  You don’t know that K’s sister got pregnant and left her Mom with her baby, so now Mom has her own baby and her daughter’s baby, both the same age.  You don’t know that M is being severely abused at home.  You don’t know that C would prefer the streets and begging at the stoplights than coming to our project.  We are losing him, little by little.  And it kills me.  You don’t know that K and C’s home is unimaginable, where there are two beds and one couch for a family of 8.  And you have to step over the couch to get into the door.

And you aren’t there to hear us pleading with them to think about their future, earthy and eternal.  You don’t hear them saying they don’t care about their future and to f$@^ off.  You can’t imagine these precious boys saying that, but it’s true.  They come to us not even knowing the difference between a cuss word and one that’s not.

Don’t get me wrong.  They are precious and I love them more than I ever thought I could.  But it’s hard.

So today, in light of this very “realistic” post, I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of reality.

What a sweet face, you say.  But what you don’t know is that this picture was taken when he was high on crack/cocaine and we were pleading with him to leave the streets and enter into the loving home that we had found for him.  IMG_1214

K and E’s kitchen.  DSC_1000

The weight of the family on his shoulders.

This is how most of our families make a living.  Collecting bottles to be recycled.  DSC_0928

Mother and Grandmother all at the same time.  2014-01-09 16.43.51

F’s “bathroom.”

This is where F sleeps, with cardboard walls to protect him from the elements.  DSC_1010

This precious four-year old often has to take care of her younger siblings.  2014-01-09 16.40.49

Our precious Fernando on his way to work collecting bottles.  Is this his future?DSC_0961

I am pleading with you to join us in praying for our precious boys.  Pray for the Lord’s mighty hand to work a miracle in their lives.  They are against such incredible obstacles. But we know He has certainly done it before.  And pray for us, (ahem, especially me) that the burden would not be too great.  That we would give our burdens to the Lord, recognizing that He has promised to carry them.  Our desire is that they know JESUS because only in HIM is fullness of joy.

And I wouldn’t be a good missionary if I didn’t remind you that we need funds in order to continue the work we are doing.  See the sidebar to the right (on the main page) for online giving as well as mail-in checks.


One comment

  1. Thank you,Kate.

    This is what we (the Church, your supporters) long to and need to hear; unfettered truth about what’s going on down there. We need to see that our missionaries have bitten off more than they can chew and carry burdens too hard for any man can carry, surviving and thriving only by the supernatural strength that God supplies. Reading this shows us how beautiful your feet are (Romans 10:15) and compels us to bathe those feet with our prayers.
    Our souls need escape from first world indulgences that make us bored and dull: an escape to the reality of why we are here. Shining His light in the darkest of places brings such glory to God.
    Be thankful you are called to a place where there’s little room for your heart to wander and a life of worship is the only option.
    I know you are thankful.

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