There’s a new kid in town.  Her name is Mandy.

Actually, she isn’t new at all.  She won the hearts of our boys over a year ago, during her 9 month stay as a Peter Project intern.  Now she’s back to take over as the director of the Peter Project.

[In case you haven’t heard, I’m heading back to the USA in November].

I am so tremendously thankful for this girl.  I am confident in her ability to run this ministry.  She is an organized multi-tasker who will not let paperwork take away from her time with the boys.  She loves the boys fiercely.  She possesses all the qualities needed to run this ministry smoothly. She is officially in charge at this point, and so far I couldn’t be more pleased with what I am seeing.


That’s me breathing a sigh of relief in knowing that I am leaving the ministry in good hands.  Seriously, better hands than mine.  She has had the privilege of learning from the MANY mistakes I have made.  Ha!

Please pray for Mandy and the Peter Project as we transition into new leadership.  Please pray for me as I prepare to leave this place I have called home for over three years.  I don’t even know how to process it.  I dread the day that I have to tell these kids that I am leaving, yet I am excited at what the Lord may have for me on the other side.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful Mandy…

DSC_0019 DSC_1247 DSC_0820 DSC_0261


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