They’ve been “seeing each other” for a few weeks.  And by seeing each other, I mean walking home from school together holding hands.

She asks him to take her away to live with him.  She is 17 and he is 14.  She has already been married for four years.  She leaves her husband for him.  Her mother decides she wants her daughter pregnant by him.  His mother doesn’t care either way.  

Then one night, she takes off her clothes in front of him and begins to touch him.  What’s a 14 year old boy to do?  They have sex.  

My heart is broken.  This boy is my baby.  My heart.   

And now my baby is in a battle.  Does he do what the community around him thinks is completely normal, or does he do what he has been taught through the Peter Project?  And I must confess that, unfortunately, we have fallen desperately short on educating our boys on the topics of sex and marriage.  

My heart is broken.  This boy is my baby.  My heart.  

And now, more than ever, I am desperate for our boys to know what a godly marriage and sex life looks like.  I am desperate for them to know that sex is more than just…meh.  (That’s how they view it.  No big deal.)  And my baby is a believer.  He is changed.  He is a new creation as of about 8 months ago.  Yet the forces in his community threaten to pull him down into what is “normal”.  

Sweetheart, it may be normal, but it isn’t ok.  God has so much more for you.  

God has given you a wonderful gift.  A flower that will only flourish within the context of marriage.  Outside of that, it will die.  God’s word is clear that sex outside of marriage is a sin.  But He doesn’t say this to condemn you, He says this to free you.  To free you from the emotional, spiritual and physical consequences.  Inside his law, there is freedom.  

Fellow prayer warriors, please pray specifically for my baby, that he would see and know the treasure that God has for him.  Pray for redemption and restoration and for a deeper understanding of God’s grace.  Pray for all of our boys.  And pray for us, as we struggle to communicate the truths of the Gospel and living a Gospel-centered life to our boys.  



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