Remember THIS POST?  (To best understand the following, you may want to read it)

Well, we’ve gone deeper.  And it’s definitely worse than we thought.  

Out of respect for our boys, I will not divulge some of the new information we have found.

But, I will say, it is ugly.  

And it’s nothing I ever imagined could (or would) happen.

I just want to ask you to pray.  

Specifically, pray that our boys would see the glory that is Christ and would want to experience Him in a deeper way.  Pray that Christ would reveal himself to them in such a way that they would see that the patterns and “normalcy” of their environment is not, in fact, “normal”.  In fact, it’s as far away from normal as you can get.  Pray for us, as a team, that we would know how to handle the situation.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, and most of all, release to our Heavenly Father who knows and understands far more than we ever could.


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