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Worrier to Warrior

Little D grabbed my face in his dirty little hands, and said, “I love you, Mandy.”

This time was different. There was so much depth in his eyes; they almost seemed to be filled with pain and confusion mixed in with the sincerity of his love. “I love you so much, little D,” I replied.

Frustrated in not feeling like he was communicating to me what he really wanted to say, he grabbed my face again and looked deep into my “ocean eyes” as he calls them, then buried his little snotty-nosed face into my neck. Those beautiful, piercing chocolate-colored eyes looked back up into my blue ones, and he said, “No. I love you more than your Mom loves you.”

Oh, my heart.

Obviously hearing one of these rough, damaged little boys telling me that they love me is a greater gift than I could ever ask for. It means…

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