The Prodigal Brother

Worrier to Warrior

“No. NO, Lord! Make him turn around. Bring him back! PLEASE. No….not Alfredo.”

About two months ago, I contacted my Dad (Alfredo’s sponsor) to let him know that Alfredo was officially no longer part of the Peter Project.

I had done all I could do- prayed, begged, cried, bribed, etc. for months, but we had finally lost him. He made his final decision and walked away from our talk and didn’t even look back. With tears streaming down my face, I took a deep breath, and my prayer continued. “Lord, thank you that his salvation has everything to do with You and nothing to do with me or him.” He’s taught me that during the few years I’ve lived here. I’ve seen it. The hardest hearts have been softened and wooed by Jesus not because of them or because I’m really good at “being a missionary” (whatever that means) but…

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Let’s Talk About Sex.

Worrier to Warrior

Sexual abuse is one of the most painful issues we face at the Peter Project. I hate it, and I’m so thankful that God hates it even more.

The deeper our relationships with the boys grow, the more brokenness we see. It hit me a few weeks ago that all of these boys- even the tiny ones- are learning about sex everywhere. The adults in their lives, their peers, and their culture are teaching them that sex is for men when they want it and how they want it. For this reason, it has been estimated by a psychologist last year that 100% of our boys have been or were being sexually abused. For this reason, girls of ages 10-16 cannot fathom that I am a virgin because they never had an option to “wait until marriage.” It’s a completely foreign concept. The majority of prostitutes in this city…

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Pain Behind the Chocolate-Colored Eyes

New post from my blog ( about Little D.

Worrier to Warrior

Little D grabbed my face in his dirty little hands, and said, “I love you, Mandy.”

This time was different. There was so much depth in his eyes; they almost seemed to be filled with pain and confusion mixed in with the sincerity of his love. “I love you so much, little D,” I replied.

Frustrated in not feeling like he was communicating to me what he really wanted to say, he grabbed my face again and looked deep into my “ocean eyes” as he calls them, then buried his little snotty-nosed face into my neck. Those beautiful, piercing chocolate-colored eyes looked back up into my blue ones, and he said, “No. I love you more than your Mom loves you.”

Oh, my heart.

Obviously hearing one of these rough, damaged little boys telling me that they love me is a greater gift than I could ever ask for. It means…

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The Stoplight

The other night we went to the main stoplight where our boys spend most of their time.  We wanted to get some good pictures and footage of what life is like for them outside the project.  Please know that most of these kids are not there by choice.  They have been either mandated by their parents to bring home a certain amount, or they go on their own, with their own burden to try to provide for their families.  Pray for our boys, that through the project we would be able to offer them both earthly and eternal hope.

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Remember THIS POST?  (To best understand the following, you may want to read it)

Well, we’ve gone deeper.  And it’s definitely worse than we thought.  

Out of respect for our boys, I will not divulge some of the new information we have found.

But, I will say, it is ugly.  

And it’s nothing I ever imagined could (or would) happen.

I just want to ask you to pray.  

Specifically, pray that our boys would see the glory that is Christ and would want to experience Him in a deeper way.  Pray that Christ would reveal himself to them in such a way that they would see that the patterns and “normalcy” of their environment is not, in fact, “normal”.  In fact, it’s as far away from normal as you can get.  Pray for us, as a team, that we would know how to handle the situation.  Pray for wisdom, guidance, and most of all, release to our Heavenly Father who knows and understands far more than we ever could.